Improve Student OUtcomes

  • Implement district-wide universal screens for monitoring student progress in the core subject areas

  • Increase social and emotional student services and teacher training

  • Empower young women through STEM clubs and programs

  • Empower English Learners through integrated instruction and regular professional development

  • Empower students with special needs by providing on-going support with the inclusion model of service delivery

  • Promote policies which enable teachers to be effective by minimizing non-instructional tasks

reBuild parent and community Trust

  • Establish regular means of parent communication at each school site and district-wide

  • Be visible and approachable for all members of the OUSD family

  • Provide justification for votes

  • Make sure parents are able to participate in district collaboration no matter their work schedule

  • Ensure an inclusive school environment by providing relevant and meaningful professional development

  • Utilize social media and local events to highlight student achievements and efforts


Protect the future of OUSD Schools

  • Vote with defendable and transparent fiscal responsibility

  • Challenge district leadership when necessary

  • Bring community leaders into the classroom to provide real-world context for learning experiences

  • Bring families back to their local schools

  • Create unique identities and aligned programs at each school site

  • Keep money in the classroom