Family First

I am the father of two energetic children who light up my world every day. My wife is my best friend and most trusted advisor. We will raise them as part of the Oceanside community to be compassionate individuals. My children will attend Oceanside public schools before the end of the first term and will remain in the district for 20+ years. My family will always be my top priority. 


My Path to Education

If you asked the six-year old me, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I would have told you a "professional baseball player." However, the second response would be "teacher." Like all young children, I loved learning. I had teachers that inspired me to become a lifelong learner and I never stepped away from that path.

I have been in the classroom for ten years with most of that time spent as a special education teacher. In those years, I worked to give each of my students the same opportunity to succeed, no matter what unique challenges they faced. Every student wants to learn and perform well in the classroom and it is the role of the teacher to guide the students in that pursuit. I continue to dedicate my life to education and would be honored to be an advocate for all learners on the Oceanside School Board.