Back to school

Yesterday was the first day back in the classroom with my students. It is also the first day back for Oceanside students. I was thinking about how each student has a unique experience of their first day of school. Being in special education, I see a pretty wide variety of responses to being "back to school." Some of my students are relieved. They are happy as a clam to get back to the routine of a school day. They love the bells and lines because it just makes sense. Other students are anxious. They fear the unknown as they are introduced to the teacher they'll be spending the next ten months with. Ten months. We, as teachers, get ten months to convince the students they're good enough. We have to convince them to fail and still to try again. We take all comers and that first day is always our first chance to say, "Hi. My name is Mr. Joyce and I'm on your side." 

Campaign Launch

I'm excited to begin this experience of advocating for education in a new way. When I started to think about what it would mean to be a representative of my neighborhood, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. I then saw this sign at the San Diego Registrar office and it brought all the emotions home.